About 7th pencil

7th Pencil’s painting style is characterised by the combination of organic graphic shapes, often bright colours and many layers.

She builds her compositions from the repeated use of patterned stencils. These are contained by one off detailed realistic stencils with varied tones of colour to create depth and ultimately an intense surreal vision of the world.

Having become fascinated with the spray cans left over from the huge artworks created she is now making physical and digital explorations using these usually discarded items. ”Life is all about cycles after all, this is the way I celebrate that”.

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About Art of Bust

In 1999 BustArt began his artistic career with classic Graffiti. Until 2005, he became deeply with the whole spectrum of Graffiti and reached a new level of identification with the various facets of the subculture.

In addition to the classic Graffiti works, he started to combine letters with cartoon based characters, leading his art to more figurative works. Stickers, stencils and posters on his travels through Europe inspired him for a further artistic development. BustArt adopted a new range of techniques and skills which were helping him to realize new motives, statements and street art experiments.

To communicate with the people through street art became a mission. A mission to surprise passers-by, encourage them to think and sharing the love for coloured urban space. Travelling and seeing the world was another motivation for BustArt. He left his marks all over the world: New York, Berlin, Mumbai, London, Paris, Dubai, Cairo, Marseille, Amsterdam and many more.

The first years after this artistic opening were marked by a broad technical and motivic repertoire: installations, political stencils and wild city-penguins. Graffiti was the undisputed first love of BustArt, which he never gave up. His skills were going through an evolution when self-created cartoon characters joined the letter styles and soon became more important than the letters them-self. This process laid the foundation for subsequent artistic developments.

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About De Vil

De Vil is a British artist born and raised in greater Manchester. He studied photography and graphic design at college and then went on to university to study digital art.

He left university unsure what he was going to do but after taking a photography workshop in India he felt he wanted to pursue a career in photography. But after he created his first piece of art in early 2018 titled ‘Banana Gun’, as a present for his father’s birthday, he felt this was where his real creative love lay. Since then De Vil has made many more pieces of art taking inspiration from street art and the modern world.

The name De Vil is his wifes surname and he uses it as a credit to her for giving him the courage and support to follow his dreams of pursuing his career and love of art.

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About Elvis by ellis

Acclaimed LA based British Artist Elvis Ellis’s work follows the traditional mediums of still life, landscapes and portraiture however his artwork is nothing but traditional.

Taking a strong influence from both his natural surroundings, fashion and employing a mastery of color theory, his pieces of work have sold internationally. Whilst his projection and street art works have been seen worldwide.

The ideology behind his work is to take something small as a point of conception and transform it into something much bigger. In his mind, each finished piece is a microcosm of a greater web of creation. Elvis sees painting as an affirmation that the possibilities for creative expression are in nite.

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TABBY is an Austrian street artist who loves to love and hates to hate. Why do you do what you do: Life gets boring, everything becomes routine, nothing ever suddenly changes for the better.

But if theres suddenly something new on a wall youve walked by for years, then it might just brighten up your day. Images are created, spray paint and stencils are the tools used to make them. More and more youll find some experimenting with anything I get my hands on.

Every image has a meaning behind it, what it is is up to you. Maybe you will discover a better meaning than what was originally intended, I wont stand in the way of that. The goal isnt to destroy but to add something interesting, unusual or thought provoking in an unexpected location.

It’s something you might be happy to find on a random walk one day and that wasn’t there the day before.

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About Mr. Sly

Mr Sly is a British Artist known for his mixed media collages and his contemporary interpretation of 20th Century pop culture, combined with bold and graphic images are his unique trademark.

Having experience in photo restoring and graphic design, he blends these talents in his artwork, by manipulating and restoring each image carefully. Now Producing limited edition prints and originals his work can be found in galleries across the U.K and U.S.A. His artwork can also be seen on the streets, paste ups of his images are now part of the street art scene in many cities.

Born in Liverpool, England, he has travelled widely, which has informed his appreciation of urban and street art across the world. His first foray into the art world was inspired by 1980’s band Frankie Goes to Hollywood and their iconic t-shirts from their hit song RELAX. It was this that spurred him to create artwork which is now gaining collectors across the globe.

Mr Sly’s work is featured in the Saatchi Art gallery and Artsy. Recent clients involve Chelsea Football Club, L’Oreal and RedKen. 

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About MR. ZERO

Mr. Zero started his artistic career at the age of 12 years.
After having drawn since his childhood, he sprayed his first comic character on a wall in his hometown in Hungary in 1994.

Taking his artistic development more and more serious, he created a very unique picture- and character language that got him national and European-wide recognition. In 2001 he painted his first 3D objects with a spray-can.

From 2011 left that 3D style and started to paint more comic/cartoon based pieces.
Now he is combining traditional letter style with his figurative comic characters.

Major topic in his artworks is the characters and comic heroes of his childhood.

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About Plastic Jesus

Plastic Jesus is a Los Angeles based street artist that specialises in bold  stencil and installation work, inspired by world news events, society, the urban environment, culture and politics. 

His critically acclaimed work combines humor, irony, criticism  and unique opinion to create art that engages on many levels.

Often questioning the norms in society Plastic Jesus confronts our compliance of culture and current affairs. The artist uses scale and contradiction as a means to highlight issues and opinions that often go unquestioned. 

The aesthetic appeal of his work combined with the engagement produces an addictive mix that challenges our acceptance.

Plastic Jesus is not about revolution, he is not a anarchist but would like to see some changes around the place. His work is more about shining a small light into some of those dark corners of society. 

His work has been featured by The BBC, CNN, abc News, Huffington Post, Gizmodo, Buzzfeed, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, LA Times, LA Weekly, The Daily Mail, MSNBC, The Daily Telegraph, Complex art and Design, Time, Us Weekly, USA Today and many more.

The Smithsonian Institute also features art by Plastic Jesus.

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About JPS

JPS is a uk born street artist, gifted at art from a very young age. He done well at school with it and went onto college but after a few issues and the murders of two of his closest friends he dropped out of college and slipped into a path of drink and drug addiction.

This lasted for 12 years and he was homeless several times during this period, in 2009 (aged 32) a friend took him to see Banksy museum show in Bristol. It was a huge moment and one that would create JPS, he was completely blown away by the show but it also made him realise how he’d thrown his own talent away. It was the wake up call needed!

He went to therapy and drug treatment and moved back to his mums and began self teaching and putting pieces on the streets of Weston super mare determined not to be a banksy clone JPS tends to enjoy word play and pop culture and site specific pieces. Since he began in 2009 he’s had several works go viral, solo exhibitions in Bristol, Utsira (Norway) and New York and his work has adorned the walls of the Tate in London and been used in TV commercials.

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About Squinty

I’m Ian aka Squinty and I have been an artist since the age of 4.

I try all types of art to tattoo to illustration and street art my art is an expression of my emotions. I like to capture a feeling that people can take to heart and if it makes them laugh or smile I did my job.

Life sure is a great opportunity to spread peace and love around the world..

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