De Vil – Necklace – Jimi Hendrix


Limited Editions: 50 Necklaces
De Vil is a British artist born and raised in greater Manchester. He studied photography and graphic design at college and then went on to university to study digital art. 

He left university unsure what he was going to do but after taking a photography workshop in India he felt he wanted to pursue a career in photography. But after he created his first piece of art in early 2018 titled ‘Banana Gun’, as a present for his father’s birthday, he felt this was where his real creative love lay. Since then De Vil has made many more pieces of art taking inspiration from street art and the modern world.

The name De Vil is his wifes surname and he uses it as a credit to her for giving him the courage and support to follow his dreams of pursuing his career and love of art.

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